If schools are really going to be reopened, they need to have some actual rules in place.

Right now, I have a family going away for February break. The parents are saying they are staying home, the children are saying they are visiting grandma in another state. If the parents are the ones lying, they need to be held as accountable as if they were allowing underage drinking in their home. If there is any incidence of lying with regard to COVID protocol, there needs to be an actual consequence to that. The amount of lying I have seen in my classroom alone is disgusting. We are hearing about things from other parents because the original set are posting vacay photos on the IG or FB and asking why their kid is being exposed to this child who so obviously traveled. By the time we hear it, the damage has been done in our classroom.

Also, a child showing several cold symptoms should be tested before they return to school. Currently, I have a child in my class with COVID. They did not close my classroom because he came down with it five days after he left our class when his mother caught it. Now, I understand 5-6 days is average, but my understanding is you can get sick up to fourteen days. Given the fact that the child got several other children in the room sick, and my state doesn’t require testing, I would say it’s pretty likely I have four or more children with COVID, which constitutes an outbreak. But because of the rules in my state, it’s not even acknowledged. I have a COVID caseload of zero as reported by my state.

These are two simple asks that could make a lot of headway with not just teachers feeling safe, but also with parents who are still unsure about sending their kids to school. And really, what harm is being done by making these rules?

Maybe I don’t have COVID in my room and it is all a big coinky-dink, but given I had to pick my father up from the hospital after surgery, I sure as hell would have appreciated knowing for sure what’s in my classroom, rather than worrying about if I infected someone. And all it would have taken is a simple rule of requiring a test before re-admittance. Instead, I’ve been beside myself.

I don’t really understand why giving teachers and other parents peace of mind is so difficult for this society. Frankly, I wonder how the other parents feel that their child was most likely exposed to COVID in my classroom (many of which could have it) and per state law, they weren’t notified.

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