Insurance industry responds to violence at the US Capitol


Insurance industry responds to violence at the US Capitol

Joe Biden has now been formally recognized by Congress as the next US president, but the process didn’t come without a significant amount of tumult – and now the insurance industry has responded.


On Wednesday, challenges to Biden’s win by President Donald Trump turned violent at the US Capitol as lawmakers met to ratify the election result. The proceedings were soon disrupted by a pro-Trump mob that besieged the House chamber and entered the Senate chamber, sending lawmakers running for safety.

According to Bloomberg, at least four people died during the mayhem and one woman was shot by Capitol Police as protesters stormed the Capitol building. Additionally, at least 52 people were arrested and guns were reportedly seized. Several experts have since characterized Wednesday’s events on Capitol Hill as a “terrorist attack,” echoing similar discussions currently occurring around the recent Nashville bombing and whether to classify that attack as one of terrorism.

In response to the developments in Washington, DC, the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (the Big “I”) has now issued a statement from Bob Rusbuldt, Big “I” president and CEO.

“The top priority of independent insurance agents and brokers is and has always been keeping people and property safe and protected,” he commented. “Yesterday’s violence at the US Capitol was appalling and inexcusable. The Big ‘I’ strongly condemns those who endangered lives and desecrated this powerful symbol of our democracy. We will continue to advocate for safety and security for all Americans and for adhering to the United States Constitution, as our country moves forward after this disturbing incident.”





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