Electric vehicle electronics startup ION Energy will supply battery management systems (BMS) to Barcelona-based Ray Electric Motors for the latter’s newly launched electric scooter that promises to deliver speeds of up to 125 kilometres per hour.

The partnership will expand ION Energy’s supply base.

ION has been in the business since 2016 and has deployed its BMS technology in over 60,000 vehicles in India and Europe.

Ray Electric’s smart scooter RAY 7.7, powered by a 10.7-kilowatt motor, comes with a 7.7 kwh battery that can give a speed range of up to 150 km with fast charging.

ION Energy’s BMS plays a critical role in the functioning of lithium-ion batteries, the Mumbai-based startup said.

The key feature of BMS is the automotive-grade safety and wireless smartphone connectivity and compatibility with ION Energy’s proprietary cloud-based analytics platform.

“We are excited to work with an innovative partner like Ray. Their smart electric scooter does not compromise on speed, power, range or design. We believe ION’s smart BMS and cloud analytics solutions coupled with RAY’s platform will offer exceptional experience to consumers in Europe and globally,” ION Energy co-founder Akhil Aryan said.

Ray Electric Motors said it had found a credible partner for its electric two-wheelers.

“ION Energy, with its smart BMS solution, has proven to be the perfect partner for us, and gives us the quality and scalability we need for our growth strategy,” Ray Electric co-founder Íñigo Raventós Basagoiti said.

Ray plans to produce 1,000 electric scooters in the first year and scale it up to 10,000 vehicles by 2023.

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