The operators of erstwhile co-living player SimplyGuest will now be launching a property management software called JumboTiger.

Subbu Athikunte, founder of SimplyGuest will be the chief technology office (CTO) at the new company. Mayank Pokharna, who was actually a customer at one of SimplyGuest’s properties and who later became a co-founder of the company, will now take over as chief executive officer (CEO) of JumboTiger. The company, which has been in beta mode for the last nine months, will launch next week.

Pokharna said they aim to make a “full-stack real-time conversational property management software” with JumboTiger. Property owners have several tasks to do, such as scheduling visits of potential tenants, communicating with them, drawing up contracts and collecting payments, said Pokharna. Unless the properties are given over to other operators, these tasks become hard to do, especially when a landlord has multiple properties in several locations. JumboTiger aims to solve these problems for property owners.

“Existing property management softwares are very old,” said Athikunte, adding that their experience in handling properties during the five and a half years that SimplyGuest was operational opened them up to the challenges faced by property owners. Athikunte had actually written about how the company was using technology to manage properties distributed across locations in blog, and got several queries from property owners about it.

Last year in April, the team decided to take the plunge and pivot to creating a SaaS offering when the lockdowns hit SimplyGuest and revenues started to fall. SimplyGuest, which had started in 2015, shut down and work on the new company started.

Pokharna said that the US and Europe are the company’s primary markets, although they have also been getting interest from Australia and India. The company will offer subscriptions for mid-sized clients, access to a private cloud for larger clients or a value-based SaaS offering for smaller clients who can then pick and choose the modules of the software that they need.

While Athikunte said he was sad that SimplyGuest was shutting down, it was a “physically constraining model”. For the new company, Athikunte said he had already spoken to clients in 25 countries.

It was Pokharna, who had originally been a customer of SimplyGuest before joining the company, who said that letting go of SimplyGuest was especially hard. “It’s still too close to my heart,” said Pokharna.

While SimplyGuest has given up most of its properties, it still retains some and plans to convert them into guesthouses where future employees can stay.

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